The ”Portuguese Coffee – a blend of stories® is an institutional brand from the Portuguese Coffee Association (AICC) that represents of all the coffee produced in Portugal according to its own roasting and blending traditions.

The ”Portuguese Coffee – a blend of stories®” is a certification of origin given to the Portuguese commercial brands that use our unique procedures of roasting and blending.

Portuguese Coffee

The “Portuguese Coffee – a blend of stories” brand was created to promote, spread and increase the awareness of “Portuguese Coffee” as a high quality espresso with a set of unique characteristics and culture, as well as to support national companies and brands to be recognized by different markets for its remarkable product and roasting process.
The Portuguese Coffee brand was born as a result of the alliance between Portuguese Coffee roasters who felt the need to promote the key characteristics of the Portuguese espresso.

A blend of culture

Coffee is part of Portuguese Culture.
Portuguese people drink coffee for pleasure but also as an excuse to meet friends and socialize.
Portuguese usually prefer to drink espresso when they are not at home. Espresso is so important to us that we also spell it as a Portuguese word: it is written “EXPRESSO” instead of ESPRESSO!

A blend of experiences

Unlike other countries that insist on 100% Arabica beans, the Portuguese espresso is obtained from a blend of slow roasted Arabica and Robusta coffee beans. This particular method of roasting is less intense than others and it helps to preserve the essence of Portuguese Coffee, giving it less acidity, a stronger aroma, more body and sweetness. The result is a hazelnut-colored and dense creamy and well-balanced coffee that lingers in one’s mouth and creates a powerful and memorable experience for those drinking it.


The history of coffee in Portugal goes as far back as the 18th century, when Portuguese introduce the Coffee in Brazil.

Coffee was first introduced as a major commodity by King João V in the former Portuguese colony of Brazil, making it the world’s largest Arabica coffee producer at the time. Due to its historical relationships with Brazil, Timor, São Tomé e Principe and Angola, all of them green coffee producers, Portugal has been at the forefront of the coffee industry. As a result, it is amongst countries with the best knowledge of all roasting and coffee blending processes.


The growth of the global market for coffee, combined with an industrial boom in other ways to consume coffee, create an opportunity for globalization and growth of a sector characterizing Portuguese industry – the coffee-roasting industry.

Our challenge with this brand is to raise the notoriety and demand of Portuguese Coffee, allowing national companies to increase their exportations to different foreign markets as well.

A blend of Goals and Benefits

• Promote the richness of Portuguese Coffee;
• Promote our culture and coffee heritage;
• Create the concept of Portuguese “espresso” as a differentiating experience;
• Easily identify a coffee made in Portugal according to its own tradition;
• Easily identify a Portuguese Coffee brand;
• Ensure the specific characteristics of Portuguese Coffee.

A blend of Opportunities

Tons of coffee has been produced, distributed and exported by several Portuguese companies, which encompass many brands. 11 of those companies and their commercials brands are already members and users of our institutional brand and logo. You can buy Portuguese coffee throught each of these commercials brands. Find out more about each one here.

The Portuguese usually drink expresso, but you can order a Portuguese Coffee in many different ways. So you can drink your coffee, here’s how to order a coffee in Portugal and in Portuguese language… Enjoy Portuguese Coffee!

with milk
meia de leite
c/ cheirinho bagaço
café moka


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